What is the difference between a circular and rectangular trampoline?

What is the difference between a circular and rectangular trampoline?

Circular trampolines are ideal for family use as they produce a safe bounce and have enough room for multiple users. Circular trampolines are generally available in a larger size ranges and are cheaper to buy than rectangular trampolines, however be careful when buying a cheaper trampoline as they are often made from poor quality materials and not designed to last.

Rectangular trampolines on the other hand are perfect if you are looking for a high performance bounce. Rectangular trampolines are used by professionals as they give the specialised bounce which is needed to perform all tricks. Although rectangular trampolines are more expensive this is due to the various spring tensions meaning stronger more durable materials must be used. Although people may see this as a downside in actual fact it means that you will get a better quality trampoline that can withstand greater maximum weights and last a lot longer.

If you cannot decide between a rectangular trampoline or a circular one why not take a look at the Jumpking Oval Jumppod. This trampoline is the best of both worlds as it gives the high performance bounce of a rectangular trampoline as well as the bounce space of a circular trampoline.

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