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Trampoline tents are an accessory which attaches to the top of the trampoline, surrounding the user. The primary use of a tent for trampoline accessory is to protect the user from the rain. We are well aware that in the UK we will often experience showers and this is why our trampoline tents has been made out of a waterproof canvas. This means that the playtime doesn't have to stop during a downpour.

It is also worth noting that should you want to use the tent for trampoline product during the summer then the canvas is UV resistant. This means that the tent won't become damaged and change shape even in the sunniest conditions. In fact in the unlikely event of a fire in your garden our trampoline tents are fire retardant.

Another use for our trampoline tents is having it as a den, as you would a normal tent on a camping holiday. The difference with trampoline tents is that your will be sleeping on a trampoline mat which will be far more comfortable than sleeping on the ground!

Tent for Trampoline Features

Entry to our trampoline tents is made easy by having two zipped doorways. This means that you will be able to get in and out of the trampoline tent and also zip yourself in when you want to bounce to give more of a den like feeling to your experience.

If you have younger children and would like to keep an eye on them, there are four windows on our tent for trampoline unit. This also means that the trampoline tent will allow sunlight in so you won't be in the dark.

Our tent for trampoline products attach to the trampoline with a brackets system which uses Velcro. If you want to bounce on the trampoline with your trampoline tent still attached then if you release the Velcro then the tent will neatly fold back, allowing you to enjoy you playtime.

Our trampoline tents are suitable for round trampolines and aren't suitable for TP trampolines. However, as with all our trampoline accessories, we have a great deal of confidence with this product and therefore our tent for trampoline products come with a year's warranty.

If you order a tent for trampoline product before 12pm then we dispatch the goods the same day.

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