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When Should I Replace My Trampoline Net?

When you own a trampoline with a safety enclosure sometimes the trampoline safety net will wear out, tear and have holes in. At this point you may consider that you need to buy a new safety enclosure or indeed a new trampoline. However this isn't necessary as trampoline safety nets are actually a replaceable trampoline accessory. Buying a trampoline net could therefore be considered an investment to avoid having to pay for a new safety enclosure or trampoline.

The Importance of Trampoline Safety Nets To Your Enclosure

Maintaining the trampoline net on your safety enclosure is of the utmost importance. This is because trampoline safety nets are a pivotal feature of an enclosure. The trampoline net helps enclosures to prevent the user from leaving the mat. This gives confidence to both the parent and the user, making enjoying playtime a lot more enjoyable.

Trampoline Nets at Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop

Our Range of trampoline safety nets are designed for 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 13ft and 14ft round trampolines. Our 8ft trampoline safety nets are slightly different from the rest of our range in that they support trampolines with 6 poles that are 25mm in diameter. The rest of our trampoline net range supports round trampolines with 8 poles that are 25mm in diameter. Providing you have bought from one of our recommended trampoline brands such as Skyhigh or Skyhigh Plus it will be very easy to detach the old trampoline net; it will then be even easier to attach the new trampoline safety net to your enclosure securely. The 8ft trampoline nets have 18 pole straps and 5 net toggles to attach it securely to the enclosure. The other trampoline nets in the range have 24 pole straps and 7 netting toggle in order to compensate for the size of the larger trampolines and maintain the security of the attachment.

Quality Trampoline Nets

As with all our trampoline accessories, our trampoline net range is designed to have the utmost concern for safety. A lot of hours have been spent on designing our trampoline nets from the blueprint stage to being ready to be manufactured. Our trampoline nets have also been tested to meet TUV safety standards so you can feel assured that you are buying a safe product.

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