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Trampoline Safety Enclosures

We believe that safety has to come first when you use a trampoline. This is why all our trampolines come fitted with a trampoline safety enclosure.

How Do Trampoline Safety Enclosures Help Prevent Accidents?

The purpose of trampoline enclosures is to make certain that the user doesn't fall off the mat when bouncing. A trampoline safety enclosure is especially useful when the bouncer wants to attempt some tricks. Trampoline Enclosures give the user the confidence to be expressive with their bouncing.

It is worth stating that in addition to a trampoline enclosure it is useful to have a good general knowledge of trampoline safety. Especially if you have younger children, it is good to educate them on some rules of how to keep safe when bouncing. For example before you even climb inside the trampoline safety enclosure it is advisable to have the area around the trampoline cleared of any bikes, toys or anything that could cause an obstruction. It is also important to not overload smaller trampolines with multiple users as they have smaller weight limits.

How Can a Trampoline Safety Enclosure Benefit Me?

Trampoline safety enclosures have the benefit of meaning that parents don't have to be as involved with the supervision of their children when they bounce. It will be far more nerve racking to watch your small child bounce on a mat without a trampoline safety enclosure. A worried parent hanging over the edge of the matt will spoil the fun for the child as well! With a trampoline enclosure you can be assured that your child is safe.

What Trampoline Enclosures Do You Have Avaliable?

At Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop we have a series of Trampoline Enclosures which are designed to fit 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 13ft, 14ft round trampolines. In the case of the 8ft model these trampoline enclosures are designed to fit a trampoline with three legs with six upright poles.

The remaining trampoline enclosure range is designed to fit any round trampoline with four legs with eight upright poles . This is because our trampoline enclosures themselves have eight upright right, or six in the case of the 8ft model, which slot into the trompline legs with the use of a U bolt system which clamp the trampoline enclosure in place. The system is very easy to use and rest assured our trampoline enclosures will stay fixed in place.

Safety First

As with all our products these trampoline safety enclosures are built with safety in mind. The safety net is situated within the trampoline which dosen't take up any jump space. It also means that if the bouncer falls over they will slide down the safety net of the trampoline enclosure and land on the pads and not on the frame. Another interesting feature of our trampoline safety enclosures is the toggle doorway which is easy to use and will mean users dont fall out of the exit of the enclosure as it can be closed up upon entry.

Our trampoline enclosures will really enhance the safety of your trampoline. Units without trampoline safety enclosures will risk a whole myriad of injuries such as falling off entirely or landing in an awkward position at the edge of the trampoline. By purchasing our products playtime will be far more enjoyable!

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