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Over time trampoline pads can become thin and waterlogged, especially those which are included with cheaper trampolines. Pads which are not designed to be left outside can also become mouldy and start degrading. This is why many trampoline owners find themselves on the look for new trampoline pads.

Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop have a selection of trampoline pads avaliable that includes the fantastic Skyhigh brand trampoline pads. Available in a variety of sizes, our Skyhigh pads are 27mm thick and coated in soft touch waterproof deluxe fabric which not only looks great, but is very durable and can be left outside all year round. The inner material is made from shock absorbing, closed cell foam which provides a soft landing and will stay inflated. Overall, these pads are great quality and due to their universal design, they will fit any trampoline.

Trampoline Measuring Guide

Attaching a trampoline pad guide

Trampoline Pad Advice - What Should You Look For?

Trampoline pads play a big role in ensuring that you are safe on the trampoline as they protect from the high tension springs and the metal frame. Trampoline pads are one of the main variables you should take into consideration when choosing your trampoline. To help you choose your trampoline pads, we have a little guide with a few hints and tips so that you chose trampoline pads which are as safe and as durable as possible.

1. Get the Right Size

Often people guess the size of their trampoline and are then disappointed when their trampoline pads don't fit. To save the hassle of poorly fitting pads, it is important to measure your trampoline. It's very simple process and requires only a few minutes and a tape measure. To help you measure your trampoline correctly we have created a little guide which you can access above.

2. How Much Should I Spend on Trampoline Pads?

50% of the cost of a trampoline is dependant to some extent to the pads. Often, cheaper mass produced trampoline manufactures supply very thin pads with their trampolines. These pads generally become waterlogged, deflated and most do not last for more than a season. As the trampoline pad is so important for the safety of the bouncer, we recommend that you choose the thickest pads available. The Skyhigh trampoline pads available from Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop are 27mm thick EPE foam which dosen't absorb water. These pads use high quality materials and strong stitching so they will last several seasons.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

A trampoline is a major focal point in a garden so you will want it to look as good as possible. Trampoline pads can transform a trampoline from being old and run down, to look as if its brand new, providing you choose the right pads. Our Deluxe Trampoline Pads are made from a thick canvas material which look fantastic and do not give a shine from the surface. Many companies cover their pads in a thin plastic material which cracks after a while and looks cheap. The deluxe skyhigh pads available from Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop are available in green to complement the garden surroundings.

4. Weather

Weather has a massive effect on trampoline pads: sun, snow, frost and rain all play a part in wearing your trampoline pads down. When choosing your pads, always go for ones which are UV resistant, otherwise regardless of what material the pads are made from they will crack.

Our Skyhigh ddeluxe trampoline Padding is UV resistant and built with hard wearing foam and textures that can withstand the elements for years to come. If you have already bought a trampoline which comes with pads that are not UV resistant, we recommend covering the trampoline with a trampoline cover when it is not in use. This is because frost will destroy non-UV resistant pads. We recommend storing these trampoline pads indoors during the winter or whenever you're expecting frost. Browse our huge trampoline pad range above and shop online today!

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