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Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop has a great selection of trampolines covers from the industry's leading brands. Although all units are designed to be weatherproof, a cover is a great addition. Not only does the cover protect the trampoline bed from harmful UV rays, but it also keeps the trampoline free from bird droppings, tree leaves, sap and other debris.

Trampoline Covers - What Should You Look For?

A weather cover is a great addition to your trampoline kit. Owning and using a cover will definitely prolong the life of your trampoline.

1. Get the Right Size of Trampoline Weather Cover

When choosing a cover, it is incredibly important that your cover fits. If it is too small it will not cover your trampoline properly and if its too big that means that there will be lots of gaps where rain and frost will seep in. To make sure you get the correct size we recommend looking at our trampoline measuring guide which clearly and simply shows you the correct way to measure the size of your trampoline. Working out the dimensions of your trampoline will only take a minute and the only equipment you will need is a tape measure.

2. Decide Between Tie On Trampoline Covers and Elasticated Trampoline Covers

Tie on Trampoline Covers

  • The tie on range of trampoline weather cover is designed to be attached to the leg section of a trampoline frame. When compared to the elasticated version, these are cheaper but do take longer to put on.

  • Elasticated Trampoline Covers

  • The elasticated trampoline weather cover is designed to be tight fitting and to hold the cover in place in windy conditions. They are easier to fit than a tie on cover. They are also generally made of much thicker more durable material.

  • 3. Does it Drain Properly?

    Many people assume that a cover will keep the trampoline dry but this is not the case. A trampoline cover is actually designed to protect the trampoline, pads and bed from the elements not to keep it dry. It is important that the water drains through the cover and bed onto the ground below as otherwise the water would pool on top of the cover and this force pushing down onto the bed would cause the bed to sag and the springs to stretch. This would weaken your trampoline and seriously damage your springs over time. Therefore, good quality covers have eyelets or grommets to help the water drain through.

    4. Is it UV Resistant?

    It is really important that when you buy a trampoline weather cover it is UV resistant to prolong the life of the cover. Without UV resistance, covers have a tendency to crack and weaken and become particularly damaged if hit by a frost. We are proud to say that all of our trampoline covers are UV protected.

    Trampoline Cover and Ladder Package

    A trampoline weather cover and a trampoline ladder are the most popular trampoline items bought together. For this reason, Trampolinesshop has created a selection of trampoline ladders and trampoline covers in various sizes but all of which are universal fitting. Browse our trampoline weather cover range above for more information.

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