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Trampoline Comparison

As the first time buyer of a round trampoline you will come across mnay different brands and not know where to start or which will suit you best.

We have a lot of experience selling our own Skyhigh brand as well as trampolines from other top brands such as JumpKing and TP.

Below you can find a chart which compares the key features of trampolines that affect performance, durability and quality.

  • Trampoline Brand and Model
  • Sizes Available
  • The Number of Springs
  • Length of the Springs
  • Frame Quality
  • Padding Quality
  • Maximum User Weight
  • Price Range

If you would like to learn more about these trampoline performance features you have a look at our Trampoline Buying Guide.

You can read more about the Skyhigh brand here.

Trampoline BrandSkyhigh

Jumpking (Round)

TP GeniusSkyhigh Plus Skyhigh Xtreme 360
 Skyhigh Trampoline BrandJumpking Trampoline BrandTp Genius Trampoline BrandSkyhigh Plus Trampoline BrandSkyhigh Xtreme 360 Trampoline Brand
Sizes Available
8ft - 14ft
10ft - 14ft
8ft - 14ft
8ft - 14ft
12ft - 14ft
Number of Springs
48 - 80 Springs
72 - 88 Springs
42 - 88 Springs
60 - 96 Springs
96 - 112 Springs
Spring Length
14cm - 18cm
18cm - 21cm
Frame QualityOne StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Pad QualityOne StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Maximum Weight
89kg (on 10ft)- 114kg (on 14ft)
85kg (on 8ft)- 135kg (on 14ft)
100kg (on 8ft) - 140kg (on 14ft)
120kg (on 12ft) - 140kg (on 14ft)
Price Range
129.95- 225
299 - 399
219 -375
229 - 399
395 - 499
 View Skyhigh RangeView Jumpking RangeView TP RangeView Skyhigh Plus RangeView Skyhigh Xtreme 360 Range

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