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Trampoline Buying Guide

When choosing a trampoline it can be very difficult to know what to look for. To help you choose Big Game Hunters have written a guide explaining what all the specifications mean and how they affect you, so you can be certain to choose the trampoline for you and your family.

Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline Pads

Trampoline pads are the cushions that are found around the top edge of the trampoline. Trampoline pads are designed not only to provide a comfy seating area but to protect the jumper from landing onto the springs. When choosing trampoline pads aim to buy the thickest pads available and do not accept any pads which are less than 20mm thick.

8ft Replacement Trampoline Pads
10ft Replacement Trampoline Pad
12ft Replacement Trampoline Pads
13ft Replacement Trampoline Pad
14ft Replacement Trampoline Pads

If you are unsure how to attach your trampoline pad take a look at our guide explaining how to attach your trampoline pad to your trampoline.


Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline Springs

The trampoline springs are found along the outside edge and are the reason why you bounce. When choosing a trampoline the size and number of springs is very important as they will dramatically affect the trampoline bounce. To achieve the best bounce look for trampolines which have a high number of springs at the longest length available.

The brands which offer the most springs on their trampolines are:

1. Skyhigh Xtreme 360 Trampolines

2. Skyhigh Trampolines


Trampoline Buying Guide






Trampoline Enclosures

A trampoline enclosure is an attachment which adds netting sides to a trampoline adding invaluable safety. A safety net is a must have if you have young children or multiple children bouncing on the trampoline as it dramatically reduces the chance of accidents caused from falling. Although at first it may seem expensive as a parent you can relax while your children bounce safely not afraid one will fall off and injure themselves, also a safety net gives a confidence boost to those who want try out trampoline moves. If you decide to invest in a trampoline enclosure what should you look for:

Size - Make sure your enclosure is the same size as the trampoline. If the enclosure is the wrong size it will weaken both trampoline and safety net and is potentially very dangerous.

Padding and Poles - Make sure that the steel poles of the enclosure are strong, galvanised and foam padded.

Quality - Make sure the product is weatherproof and durable.

trampolinesshop has a great selection of Trampoline Safety Enclosures in sizes 8ft,10ft, 12ft, 13ft and 14ft.


Trampoline Buying Guide





Trampoline Covers

A trampoline cover is designed to keep a trampoline clean and prolong the trampoline life by protecting it from the elements. When looking for a trampoline cover there are several things which you should look for:

Universal Fitting - This means it will fit any round trampoline. It is important that the trampoline cover you choose fits your trampoline, if the cover is too small water will get in a gradually and can encourage mould to grow.

Drainage holes - These are designed to let water through the trampoline so that it does not pool on top; however, it still keeps your trampoline clean and dry.

Thick Durable UV Stable material - This will prolong the life of the trampoline cover.

Elastic edging - This will make sure the cover stays attached to your trampoline regardless of weather.

We have a great selection of trampoline covers at trampolinesshop in sizes 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 13ft and 14ft. We also have the options of Tie-on Trampoline covers or elasticated trampoline covers

Trampoline Buying Guide




Trampoline Frame

The frame is an important part of your trampoline and the type which you choose can affect the life of your product. To help you decide which frame is right for you here are several points to consider:

Weld Free - It is known that welded trampolines are often weaker and are prone to breaking at the weld points so a weld free frame is a great option.

If you would like a Weld Free trampoline frame we recommend looking at the Skyhigh Safety trampolines

Frame material - Make sure the frame is made out of galvanised steel, not only is this stronger but will prevent rust.

Frame thickness - A thick frame is ideal as it will be stronger and less prone to rust.

UV - A UV coating will prolong the life of the frame.

Warranty - All good retailers will provide a warranty with there trampolines.



Trampoline Buying Guide



Trampoline Beds

The trampoline bed is the material you jump on found in the centre of the trampoline. When looking at a trampoline there are several things to look for:

UV Resistant - This is important as it will prolong the life of your trampoline.

V Ring Connectors - This is the method in which the bed attaches to the springs. Overall this is the safest, easiest to assemble and produces the best bounce.

Bounce Spot - Not a necessity but a nice touch is a marking (often a cross) the safest and best place to bounce on the trampoline.

Replacing your trampoline bed is a much cheaper option than buying a brand new trampoline. We have a great selection of replacement trampoline bed (mats) available in lots of sizes and were sure your find one that matches your trampoline.


Trampoline Buying Guide


Trampoline Ladders

A trampoline ladder attaches to your trampoline for easy access. Ideal for younger children or those which struggle climbing onto the trampoline. When looking for a trampoline ladder there are several points to look for:

Non slip - This is important as the ladder will be used outside.

Material - Aim for a durable UV resistant material as this will extend the life of you ladder.

Fit - I is important for safety that the ladder attaches onto the trampoline and does not rest against it.

If you would like to view our selection of trampoline ladders please click on the image or on the above link. The ladders available from trampolinesshop are all made of non slip UV resistant steel and are guaranteed for 1 year.

Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline Anchor Kits

A trampoline anchor kit is used to hold down the trampoline so that it does not take off in windy weather. Kits are general made up of anchors which screw into the ground and webbing which attaches to the trampoline. When purchasing an anchor kit look for one which allows you to detach the straps easily so that the trampoline is easily moveable.

If you are interested in buying a trampoline anchor kit why not takes a look at the one available from trampolinesshop. It's made up of 4 strong metal anchors which pin the trampoline to the ground yet has an easy release mechanism which allows you to release the trampoline from the kit when you want to move it.



Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline Legs

Many companies offer 4 or 6 leg trampoline but which is better? Well in essence they are the same except that trampoline accessories are designed to fit 4 legged trampolines meaning they will be cheaper and easier to find than trampoline accessories designed for 6 legged trampolines.

At the moment the only 6 legged trampoline avaliable is the TP trampoline range. These are great quality trampolines, look fantastic and are very sturdy.




Once you have read through our trampoline buying guide and have understood what to look for in a trampoline you may find it useful to visit our trampoline comparison page.
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