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Trampoline Mats are one of the most important components of a trampoline. Trampoline mats (or trampoline beds) are the part of the trampoline which you bounce on. It is therefore a must that you keep trampoline mats in top condition. Trampoline Beds can become damaged by sharp object such as keys. Should you see any worrying signs of wear and tear you must immediately be on the lookout for replacement trampoline mats.

Low quality trampolines inevitably are produced with low quality trampoline beds which rip and rot over time. They aren't built to stand a variety of weather conditions and will crack in winter when exposed to frost or dull in colour when exposed to summer sun. The key to quality replacement trampoline mats is the material they are made out of which must be durable in all circumstances.

Replacement Trampoline Mats from Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop

At Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop we sell replacement trampoline mats which are made from UV resistant polypropylene. This means that these trampoline mats are protected from the sun's harmful UV rays which will spoil the colour of your trampoline and wear the quality of trampoline beds down. They also have a V ring connection system which attaches the bed to the springs of the trampoline. The V ring connectors are sewn into the trampoline beds using three layers of heavy duty stitching.

This means that you can be sure that when you buy from us you will purchasing quality products that have been designed and manufactured with the user in mind

The Importance of Knowing How to Buy Suitable Trampoline Mats

The trampoline beds we have available don't come with the springs available and are attached to springs. This is why it is important to know the specifications of your trampoline if you want to install replacement trampoline mats. It is most important to know the size of your round trampoline in feet. However, due to the different trampolines of the same size having different numbers of springs, you will need to consider your options when you are selecting trampoline mats.

For example our 12ft trampoline mats come in two editions: one has 72 springs and would be suitable for a Skyhigh 12ft trampoline and the other has 80 which would be compatable with a 12ft Skyhigh Plus trampoline.

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