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Trampoline Anchor Kit

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Product Information

A Trampoline Anchor Kit is intended to attach your trampoline to the ground. This is so when there are high winds the trampoline will remain safely fixed to the spot. In some extreme winds trampolines have been known to move, causing damage to the frame and the owner's house. Trampolines have even been seen taking off and flying in particularly strong winds!

Trampoline anchor kits fix the trampoline to the ground with the use of 4 straps and 4 steel stakes. The straps have two loops: one which is wraps round the trampoline frame and one which is attached the stake which is put inot the earth.

What's in the Box

  • 4 Fixing Straps
  • Made with two loops to attach the trampoline frame to the stake securely
  • 4 Stakes
  • Strong and built to last

Why Buy?

Improve the safety of your trampoline by having it fixed to the earth so it won't move in times of high winds

Straps are made from tough polypropylene for a better hold and durability in all weather conditions

Stakes are made from 10mm thick galvanised steel for durability and to effectively secure the trampoline in the ground

Technical Specifications

  • Stake material: 10mm galvanised steel
  • Stake length: 30cm
  • Stake weight: 0.96kg
  • Strap material: polypropylene


  • 1 year warranty.


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