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Sometimes in extreme wind, scary as it may sound, it is possible for lighter trampolines to take flight or start to roll. At the very least when it gets particularly windy you may find that the trampoline moves and causes damage to features of your garden. These can include crashing into flower beds, tearing up your lawn, smashing glass patio doors and perhaps even blowing into a family member. A safety enclosure may add to this effect by absorbing the wind.

Trampoline Tie Down Kits to Improve the Safety of Playtime

Trampoline anchor kits are highly recommended if you plan to place your trampoline in an open area that is exposed to the wind. Trampoline anchors are also recommended for if you plan to put your trampoline near to a property. This is because in the right circumstances, such as when the wind is blowing towards the house and, your trampoline could move and cause damage to the windows.

You must also consider that trampolines without is moved by the wind it could cause all kinds of damage to the trampoline itself. Trampolines without trampoline anchor kits could for example flip and cause damage to the structure and frame, the most expensive to replace component. The netting on a trampoline with a safety enclosure could also become tangled when blown into bushes, leaving you with the job of pulling it out yourself.

How Trampoline Tie Down Kits Work

Our trampoline anchor kits work with a series of four metal trampoline anchors that have a corkscrew like shape which are used to fasten the trampoline into the ground with the use of four straps. In our trampoline tie down kits the four straps each have two buckles on, and two loops: the first is used round the trampoline frame and the second goes round the trampoline anchors almost all the way into the ground, leaving about 5cm above the earth. With these loops in place you then screws the trampoline anchors, or stakes as they are also known, into the ground. The process is repeated at four points on the trampoline, or three if you have three trampoline legs and this is how trampoline anchor kits can make sure the trampoline is fastened into the ground from all angles.

Trampoline Tie Down Kits with Longevity in Mind

The trampoline anchors and the buckles on the straps are made with galvanised steel and this makes them robust enough to stand up to high winds. The straps are made from polypropylene which is famous for its resistance to tough weather conditions such as sun, rain and frost. Because our trampoline tie down kits are made with the strongest, most resistant materials possible, for a very fair price you will own a trampoline accessory that in particularly windy conditions will protect your trampoline, property and potentially even your family from damage and injury.

We do alot of research on the trampoline market all over the world to bring you the best trampoline accessories and trampoline anchor kits. You can buy safe in the the knowledge that our trampoline anchors will hold your trampoline in place in windy conditions due to the quality materials they are constructed from.

Order trampoline tie down kits before 12pm and will will dispatch the order the same day. If your are in the market for a new trampoline and want it secured with trampoline anchors then any orders over 150 come with free delivery.

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