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TP Trampolines

TP Trampolines have been designing toys for over 50 years and have used their expert knowledge on to create a fantastic range of good quality trampolines. All of the trampolines they supply to us come with fantastic warranties. As an established British toys company with a reputation for producing quality toys that keep children active, the TP trampolines for sale on Big Game Hunters Trampolines Shop may be a perfect option for you.

Why choose a TP Trampoline?

TP Trampolines are one of the leaders in the outdoor toy market and have continually produced good quality trampolines for many years.

By drawing upon 50 years of experience, they have produced several ranges of trampolines, all of which are durable and provide a good bounce. The TP Trampolines for sale on Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop are TP Genius Trampolines. This is a unique collaboration between TP Trampolines and another company called Genius.

3 Reasons to buy TP Genius Trampolines

1. Tested to exceed one million bounces

2. Very easy to assemble

3. Lifetime trampoline frame warranty

TP Trampolines Key Features

TP Trampolines is one of the only manufactures who designs trampolines with six legs as they believe this creates greater stability. Although welded together, TP trampolines use a patented welded socket which provides greater strength to any joints in the frame. As well as using a welded socket system, thick 2mm gauge galvanised steel tubes are used to create a very robust frame.

For added strength, the top rails of the frame are fitted with a plastic insert which provides an interlocking fit. This mechanism prevents the twisting of the trampoline frame which results in producing an even bounce.

TP Trampoline Pads

TP offers great pads, they are strong and durable and come with a five year warranty. The pads themselves are made from 100% closed cell Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam - a high density (40kg/m3) single layer foam pad which was chosen as it provides excellent shock absorbing properties and is an extremely durable material. As well as being very durable these pads will not absorb water and so will maintain cushioning qualities whatever the weather. The pads attach to the trampoline frame using wind resistant toggles which are easy to fit but will not budge in the wind.

TP Trampoline Springs

TP trampoline springs are very durable and have proven themselves to give a great and even bounce. TP springs come with a 1 year guarantee.

TP Trampoline Bed

The bed of TP Trampolines is made from a polypropylene woven mesh mat which is waterproof and UV resistant. The bed has very good draining properties meaning water will not pool on the trampoline surface. D rings attach the trampoline mat to the springs so that the trampoline bed does not tear. Six rows of stitching is used around the perimeter of the bed, this gives greater load bearing properties and ensures a longer life.

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