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The Skyhigh range are fantastic value for money trampolines. They are ideal for first time buyers as entry level models. Skyhigh trampolines have more springs than many of the other budget models currently on the market which means that they have a better bounce.

Why Choose a Skyhigh?

If you are looking for a trampoline but are on a budget, the Skyhigh range may be for you. Although this brand is part of our budget range, it does not compromise on quality. The trampoline frame is strong and durable and even comes with a 10 year frame warranty. We think these are great family trampolines which are especially suited to beginners or small children. Skyhigh trampolines are ideal for young children and novice bouncers as they provide safety as well as a good bounce. They have been tested to and exceeded the specified GS/TUV safety specification for the European Union. As a whole, Skyhigh trampolines are durable units with a great bounce and are great way to introduce your child to the world of trampolining without spending a fortune.

Reasons to Buy a Skyhigh

1. 10 year trampoline frame warranty
2. 1 year trampoline pads warranty
3. Weld free T- Bar safety frame

Skyhigh Frame

Most trampolines frames are welded together as it is saves on manufacturing costs. However, welded joints are weak and under the strain of daily use they can snap. Skyhigh trampolines don't have welded joints and have been designed to use a T Bar weld free safety frame. The T bar system is a much stronger and more durable structure for a trampoline as it eliminates weak spots. A Skyhigh is also made with thick steel sections and is galvanised inside and out to prevent rusting.

Skyhigh Springs

Skyhigh trampolines’ springs are designed to give maximum durability and a constant bounce. All springs are tested to exacting standards to meet the needs of the UK market.

Skyhigh Bed

To ensure a great bounce, every one of our Skyhigh trampolines uses a UV resistant polypropylene bed which gives an even, safe and stable bounce. The bed is easy draining and air permeable and stops water from pooling on the surface. The bed attaches to the springs using V rings; these not only stop the bed from tearing but also give a quieter bounce.

Skyhigh Deals

We offer a range of Skyhigh trampoline deals . Browse the products below for further details. We have a fantastic range of Skyhigh trampolines that include safety enclosures in order to reduce the risk of your children having any accidents.

We also sell the range with the option of including a trampoline ladder and a tie on cover with your trampoline and enclosure. These trampoline deals have everything you need in order to get the most out of your new Skyhigh. The trampoline ladder creates one safe access point to the mat for your children. It also will mean that you don't have to keep lifting young children on and off the trampoline during playtime. The ladder has unique honeycombed design which allows for easier draining when it rains. This means you won't have to worry about your child slipping on the ladder.

The trampoline covers that we include with the Skyhigh range are designed to keep your trampoline clean all year round. It is a common misconception that trampoline covers are intended to keep the trampoline bed. Because the Skyhigh range is made out materials that don't retain water such as PVC the trampoline cover is actually intended to keep the mat clean from garden debris such as moss. Trampoline covers also serve as a means of letting your children know that playtime is over and your Skyhigh is out of bounds. It will also discourage passing renegade bouncers from trying to join in with the fun when you are trying to get some rest!

We offer a range of Skyhigh trampolines packages. Browse the products above for further details.

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