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Skyhigh Plus Trampolines

Why choose a Skyhigh Plus Trampoline?

When you compare a Skyhigh Plus Trampoline to the average product on the market, you will see that it offers the best all round specifications. Whilst our standard Skyhigh trampolines also offer excellent value for money, the Skyhigh Plus range offers quality.

Skyhigh Plus trampolines offer thicker, more luxurious trampoline pads, lots more springs and extensive trampoline warranties With a Skyhigh you can pick up a great quality trampoline at a low price.

Skyhigh Plus Trampolines are guaranteed to last longer and give a better bounce than most trampolines on the market. They have closed cell 25mm thick deluxe frame pads, with a unique soft feel fabric making for a totally safe trampoline.

3 Reasons to Buy a Skyhigh Plus

1. High number of springs used

2. Sturdy frame structure

3. Thick durable pads

Skyhigh Plus Trampoline Frame

Skyhigh Plus trampolines use T - Bar Weld Free safety frames. Most trampoline frames are welded together because it is cheaper. However welded joints are weaker and deteriorate quickly over time. Skyhigh Plus Trampolines have been designed so that there are no welded joints, making the frame a lot stronger. Instead of welding they use a T Bar Safety connector which joins the frame together; this method of construction is a lot more durable and eliminates weak points.

For added safety our Skyhigh Plus trampoline frames are made from thicker steel which means your Skyhigh Plus can withstand greater maximum weights. Steel frame tubing is also galvanized to prevent rusting.

Skyhigh Plus Trampoline Pads

To give extra protection, the inside of the Skyhigh Plus trampoline pads are made from thick 25mm shock absorbing closed cell memory foam which retains its shape for several years and will not deflate like many other pads. Closed cell memory foam excludes water to provide better protection and increased durability.

The outer material of the pad is made from a very thick canvas material which is coloured green to compliment the surroundings of your garden. Waterproofing stops the pads from becoming waterlogged and UV resistance prevents cracking from frost and sun exposure. This is a common problem for trampolines that use plastic padding.

A Rubber Base

Trampoline pads have a tendency to slide off the frame which can cause safety problems. To stop this from happening, Skyhigh Plus trampoline pads have a rubber base material which clings to the trampoline frame and prevents movement. The pads are also held in place with easy fitting elastic ties.

Deep Side Skirt

The edge of all Skyhigh Plus pads are fitted with a deep side skirt which covers the metal trampoline frame. This adds extra protection and also makes the trampoline look much more aesthetically pleasing.

Skyhigh Springs

Skyhigh Plus trampolines use thicker, longer springs which are designed to meet the safety requirements and the needs of the UK market. Springs are 5mm thick, 22mm in diameter and are zinc coated. When compared to other trampoline brands, Skyhigh Plus trampolines use more springs to give you a better, higher and more even bounce.

Skyhigh Plus Bed

The Skyhigh bed is made of a polypropylene canvas material which is designed to provide elasticity without stretching. The bed itself is air permeable and UV resistant making it durable and easy draining to stop water from pooling on the surface. Overall, the trampoline bed has been designed to work with the springs to give a constant fantastic bounce.

Tough V ring springs are used to attach the trampoline springs to the mat. This stops the bed from tearing and stops the springs from 'squeaking', giving a quieter bounce. The V ring bolts are also encased in 3 layers of heavy duty stitching to keep the bolts in place.

Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop has a fantastic selection of Skyhigh Plus Trampolines at fantastic prices, including sizes from 8ft to 14ft. We are big believers in Skyhigh Plus and offer a selection of packages so you are sure to find a product to suit your needs.

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