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Round Trampolines


Round trampolines are fantastic for use in the garden. Because they take up a minimum of space, it is a popular choice for families everywhere. That is why we provide a wide selection of round trampolines in different brands and sizes.

Round Trampolines with us

If you want to save on space and cost then a Skyhigh circular trampoline could be a strong option for you. We have a lot of belief in this brand as it offers fantastic value for money without compromising on features. For example our 12ft Skyhigh Round Trampoline with Enclosure features 64 springs and trampoline pads with are 21mm thick to protect the user.

Skyhigh also offers two variants of round trampoline which have higher specifications: The first is the Skyhigh Plus range. Whilst Skyhigh round trampolines offer fantastic value we feel that the Skyhigh Plus range offers the best all round specifications and that is why its in one of our most popular brands.

The second is the Skyhigh Xtreme 360 circular trampolines range. This range is at the top end in the U.K and features 96 performance springs making for a dramatic bounce. Of all the circular trampolines on the market the Skyhigh Xtreme 360 has the most springs we are aware of. The Skyhigh Xtreme 360 circular trampolines are available in 12ft and 14ft models.

TP Circular Trampolines

We also stock TP round trampolines which we hold in a similar high regard to the Skyhigh range. TP built their reputation as a toy company and they have 50 years experience in the industry. In terms of their round trampoline designs they are recognised for a superb aesthetic appeal and innovation.

Their products are very easy to assemble, have extensive warranties and are tested to last for over one million bounce. This means that with a TP you have a product that you can trust, with fantastic durability.

We also stock TP Genius trampolines, a joint venture between TP themselves and another company called Genius. A particularly innovative feature of this circular trampoline is the positioning of the springs which are protected by an extra layer of material which means that they are out of reach at all times.

Jumpking Circular Trampolines

We pride ourselves on stocking only the finest brands. Jumpking are no exception to this as the largest producer of trampolines in the world. We stock Jumpking JumpPods from this famous brand.

These particular circular trampolines feature an integrated safety enclosure which means that you won't have to pay extra to buy this item separately.

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