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Rectangular Trampolines Buying Guide

There are many different size and shapes of trampolines on the market but rectangular units offer a particularly varied bounce compared to a round trampoline. Due to the layout of the springs you get a more stable controlled bounce. Also due to the spring tension along the various lengths the bouncer will have less chance of being thrown off balance and pushed away from the centre. Rectangular trampolines are made with thick steel in their frames as they need to withstand greater pressure on the springs. This means that a rectangle is built to last and has a high weight limit.

Rectangular trampolines are great at providing a specialised powerful bounce which older children will love. We also stock them with enclosures, something that is quite rare. If you're looking for a more varied bounce to a round unit, you should definitely consider looking at our rectangular trampolines with enclosures.

Why choose a Rectangle Trampoline?

Although rectangular trampolines are more commonly associated with gymnastics, they are great for family and home use. However, due to the characteristics of rectangles with enclosures, they should only be used by one bouncer at a time. Although many might see this as a downside, it actually means your trampoline will be a lot safer.

Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop offers two rectangular trampolines with enclosures from Skyhigh. This brand were chosen as it gives maximum performance, is very durable and very safe.

Rectangular Trampoline Frame

Rectangles never disappoint when it comes to bounce performance and the trampoline shapes available the rectangle is definitely the safest option.
Due to the variations in spring tension the frames of rectangular trampolines with enclosures needs to be very strong. This means they have frames which use strong, very thick sections of galvanized steel tubing which are very durable. Although this may mean that the trampoline price is a little higher you will have a trampoline which is designed to be much stronger, withstand greater weights and will last much longer.

Rectangle Trampoline Pads

All the pads included with our rectangular trampolines are made from closed cell, cross linked and shock absorbing foam. This material has been chosen as it is extremely durable and hard wearing and will not deflate for many seasons. Using this type of foam solves another common trampoline pad problem, the issue of the pads becoming waterlogged when left outside. The foam used stops this problem as it does not absorb water. The rectangle trampoline pads used in all the products are very hard wearing and durable..

Rectangular Trampoline Bed

In rentangular units there are two types of trampolines beds; the standard polypropylene mat and the high performance two string mat. The polypropylene bed can be found on most good quality trampolines; these mats have very good draining properties and allow water to easily pass through stopping the hazard of pooling. Two string mats on the other hand are found in high performance products. They are made from a Nylon weave which has large gaps in between the weave sections. These spaces allows lots more air to pass through which reduces the air resistance and thus creates a bigger, better bounce.
Overall both trampoline mats are of a high manufacturing standard. They all have strong heavy duty stitching, are UV protected and have very good water draining properties.

As mentioned above rectangular trampolines with enclosures are famous for always producing an amazing bounce. Big Game Hunters supplies rectangular trampolines with safety enclosures which is quite rare. We stock Skyhigh Rectangular trampolines with Safety Enclosures. Skyhigh as a brand produces very reliable, good quality trampolines which offer excellent bounce performance and safety features. The combination of this high standard of product with the Skyhigh Safety Enclosure it makes it the ultimate rectangular trampoline package available.

If you require any further information about any of our rectangular products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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