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Oval Trampolines


Our Oval Trampolines for Sale

Oval trampolines are relatively new to the industry, but have proved to be extremely popular, particularly with people who have narrow or small gardens. Oval trampolines with enclosures are extremely safe, and all of the models that we sell offer one for fee as well as exceptional performance.

The oval trampoline provides a responsive and enjoyable bounce with a high number of springs. Our Skyhigh oval trampolines for sale come with integrated trampoline safety nets to further enhance the overall safety of these impressive products.

Oval trampolines are great fun! They also look fantastic in any garden, another reason why they have become so popular.

Skyhigh Oval Trampolines with Enclosures

Skyhigh produce a number of popular round and rectangular trampolines, and the fabulous oval trampolines have followed in their footsteps. They now have two models avaliable, an 8ft x 14ft and a 10ft x 15ft model.

We were shocked when we sold out of Skyhigh oval trampolines with enclosures just weeks after bringing them in, massively outselling any of the other new units.These unique oval trampolines have maintained their popularity and are now one of our biggest selling products.

Having taken the market by storm when they previously released their high specification rectangular trampolines, it's no wonder that the long-standing manufacturer achieved such popularity with the latest addition to their range.

Skyhigh oval trampolines with enclosures are available in two sizes and they feature a fantastic stadium-like enclosure, adding to the user's experience, whilst also keeping them safe.

The high specification of these oval trampolines with enclosures makes it a great choice for users at any level, allowing for more advanced moves whilst also offering a great bouncing experience to younger or inexperienced bouncers.

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