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A Trampoline Shoe Tidy from Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop

Trampoline Shoe Bags or a Trampoline Shoe Tidy as they are sometimes known, could help to improve the safety of your trampoline experience. A trampoline shoe tidy a very humble but useful accessory to have for people who are concerned about their safety when bouncing. For a very reasonable cost a trampoline shoe bag could save you a lot of distress caused by injuring yourself.

How Can a Trampoline Shoe Bag Improve My Bouncing Experience?

It is useful to encourage children to take off their shoes before using your trampoline. This is because shoes are more likely to wear down the trampoline mat than bouncing in socks or bare feet. Without a trampoline shoe holder the edge of your trampoline could become clogged with shoes, creating a potential safety hazard for tripping people up.

This is where a trampoline shoe holder comes finds its use. Our trampoline shoe bag has five pouches: four pockets for shoes and one larger pocket for boots or clothes. Our trampoline shoe holder also has two holders at the front, one of which can be used for water bottles and a second one which can be used to store a variety of object that could come loose from your pocket when bouncing. These can include keys, mp3 players, mobile phone and there is a special holder on the front of the bag for water bottles.

Like many of our trampoline accessories our trampoline shoe holder is universal, this means it will fit any size of trampoline. It is easy to attach the trampoline shoe tidy to your trampoline with a series of strong webbing fixings. This will ensure that the trampoline shoe holder won't fall off when you are enjoying playtime.

Our Trampoline Shoe Bag's Features

It is very important to us to offer trampoline shoe bags which are built to last so you can have the longest possible use of them. The material of our trampoline shoe bags is made from strong PVC; this is UV resistant so it will survive the summer months of sunlight without dulling the colour of the bag or damaging it. It means that our trampoline shoe bags won't crack when it gets frosty and icy during the winter.

Because PVC is waterproof your trampoline shoe tidy also won't absorb rain and become damaged. Perhaps the most useful benefit of the material of the trampoline shoe bag is that it is tough. It is likely that poor quality trampoline shoe bags will become damaged when they are stretched and have objects repeatedly inserted and then removed from the pockets. Because the trampoline shoe holder we sell at Big Game Hunters Trampolines Shop is made from strong material it will stand up to the strain of daily use.

Ordering a Trampoline Shoe Holder from Us

If you order your trampoline shoe bag before 12pm then we will dispatch it the same day. It is also worth noting that if you are looking for a new trampoline and want to buy a trampoline shoe tidy as part of the package orders over 150 come with free delivery. We take alot of pride in the quality of the trampoline shoe bags we offer as we do with all the brands and products that we select to sell. You can therefore buy your trampoline shoe tidy from us in the confidence that we have alot of knowledge and experience of trampolines.

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