How can I make my trampoline safer

How can I make my trampoline safer?

If you want your children to be safer on your trampoline all you need to do is apply some common sense and straightforward steps.

1.) One person on the trampoline at any one time

This is the most important safety consideration because according to a study by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Rospa), 75% of trampoline relate accidents occur when more than one person is bouncing on the trampoline. It is five times more likely that a person weighing less will be injured which puts younger children at risk.

2.) Get on and off the trampoline carefully

An excellent way to make getting on and off the trampoline safer is with a ladder. These create one safe access point to the mat and mean that you won't have to keep lifting your child up. It is advisable in any case for the children to get on carefully and not bounce off onto the ground when they are finished.

3.) Don't try advanced acrobatic moves without appropriate supervision

Sometimes in all the excitement of enjoying a trampoline children will get ideas above their station and attempt complex moves like back flips. This is only advisable when you have a trained professional on hand to "spot". It is best to keep things simple!

4.) Keep your personal belongings such as keys and shoes in a safe place

Another important safety consideration is ensuring that you don't damage the trampoline when you bounce. For example keys can cause tears in the mat and you must remove your shoes before hoping on. The use of a trampoline shoe bag will allow you to keep your things safe. It is also advisable to clear the area around the trampoline of any obstructions. If you do notice any damage to the trampoline or tears then please refrain from using it until it is fixed.

5.) Buy a trampoline with thick pads

Trampoline pads cover the springs at the end of the trampoline and protect the user from coming into contact with them. It is therefore important that you buy a trampoline with thick pads. These not only will offer better protection but also will last for longer.

Everybody loves trampolines and if you follow this advice you will greatly reduce the risk of injury!

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