Do I need a trampoline cover?

Do I need a trampoline cover?

We are frequently contacted by people who need to replace parts on their trampoline having only purchased it a year ago.

The best way to avoid having to pay for expensive replacement parts is to first choose a trampoline that it made from quality weather treated parts. The second is to buy a trampoline cover.

Covers protect the trampoline from weather conditions which will cause the components to age. Being exposed to the rain, frost, shifts in temperature, and in the summer the sun, will cause the pads and mat to wear down. A quality weather resistant cover will provide an effective barrier from this kind of damage.

Covers also serve the purpose of keeping the trampoline clean from garden debris such as moss, bird droppings and dirt. There is nothing more unpleasant to contemplate that getting on a trampoline where the bounce mat is covered in dirt and leaves!

Similarly when it rains on an uncovered trampoline water will collect on the protective pads and make the make the mat slightly moist. Good quality covers come with a very small drainage hole system in their centre. This allows water to pass through the mat whilst the vast majority of the trampoline will remain dry.

We would therefore advise that it is worth owning a trampoline cover because the small investment will eventually reap rewards by elongating the life of the components of your trampoline.

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