Is it recommended to leave my trampoline out all year round?

Can I leave my trampoline out all year round?

The first consideration that needs to be taken into account is the quality of the parts on your trampoline. If you have a cheap mass produced trampoline then leaving it out in particularly harsh weather conditions will mean that the trampoline is more likely to need replacement parts. In this instance you will have to take it down during the winter months.

Better quality trampolines have various technical specifications that allow them to withstand the rain, frost and sun. For example the pads on the Skyhigh Plus range are made from UV resistant PVC and this means that they won't dull in the sun like cheaper alternatives. They also won't absorb water or crack in frost.

Similarly the frame on better quality trampolines are constructed from thick galvanised steel which is treated to withstand the weather and not rust.

However even with a high quality trampoline it is worth baring in mind that you can extend the life of the unit even further with a few precautionary steps.

The first is to use a cover on your trampoline during the winter months or any length of time when you aren't using it. You can do this by removing the enclosure poles and either attaching one of our tie on covers, which attach to the trampoline with a series of loops, or an elasticated cover which you can simply stretch over the frame.

Trampoline covers are made from thick and durable nylon material. They serve the dual purpose of keeping your trampoline clean from garden debris and damage from the weather. It is a common misconception that trampoline covers are designed to protect the mat from getting wet. However our Skyhigh covers are manufactured with drainage holes. This is to prevent the water from pooling on top of the cover and weakening the springs.

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