Can I get replacement parts for my trampoline?

Can I get replacement parts for my trampoline?

The parts of a trampoline have a shelf life. This will be significantly shorter if you have bought a cheap trampoline. We have a wide range of parts available These include: pads, enclosures, netting for enclosures and mats. These are all manufactured to the highest standard and will give any trampoline a new lease of life.

However, when buying parts for your trampoline it is always worth taking the time to consider a few simple specifications.

Measure your trampoline correctly

The first thing you need to consider when buying replacement parts foe is the trampoline's size. Spare parts are manufactured for trampolines of a specific size and therefore will be incompatible with the wrong size. The best way to measure a trampoline is from end to end on the metal frame and not the diameter of the bounce mat.

How many springs does the trampoline have and how long are they?

Different replacement parts have different specifications to consider. In the case of a trampoline mat you first need to attain how many springs your trampoline has and then how long they are. You can measure a trampoline spring hook to hook when they are aren't attached to the trampoline to find out the true size.

We stock a variety of trampoline spare parts and accesories in round sizes 8ft, 10ft 12ft and 14ft.

How many legs does my trampoline have?

When you buy a new net or enclsoure for your trampoline it is important to consider how many legs it has. This is because the enclosure poles attach to the top of the legs which commonly are divided into two sets. This means a three leg trampoline will need six upright poles and a four leg trampoline will need eight upright poles. Nets then are manufactured to attach at three points for a three leg trampoline and so on.

It is incredibly simple and easy to get spare parts for the vast majority of trampoline through Trampoline Shop. However it is always worth considering the speicfications listed above to make sure you buy the correct one!

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