8ft Trampoline Mat / Bed - 60 Spring

8ft Replacement Trampoline Bed / Trampoline Mat - 60 Spring

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Product Information

Trampoline beds can become damaged especially by sharp objects such as car keys. At this point your will need to replace it. Our 8ft trampoline bed lets water pass through the trampoline. If water is allowed to pool on the surface the weight causes the springs to stretch, which will eventually cause your trampoline to produce a poor bounce. Around the edge of our trampoline mat are build in V ring connectors; the part that the springs attach to. these have been chosen as not only do the stop the bed from tearing but they also help produce a very quiet bounce. The V ring connectors are sewn into the trampoline bed using 3 layers of heavy duty stitching. As well as this our trampoline beds are UV resistant and incredibly durable.

What's in the Box

  • 8ft Trampoline Mat / Bed
  • Suitable for a trampoline with 60 springs. No springs included with the mat.

Why Buy?

This is a tough trampoline mat which will survive in tough weather conditions in both the summer and winter. It will be far cheaper to buy a replacement trampoline mat than to buy a completely new unit.

Technical Specifications

  • NB: Only suitable for an 8ft round trampoline which has 60 springs which are 180mm long
  • UV resistant material
  • The edge of the trampoline bed is sewn tother with 3 layers of stitching
  • V ring connectors are used to attach the bed to the springs. Sewn in place using 3 layers of heavy duty stitching.


  • 1 year warranty.


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