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8ft Trampolines


Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop is a leading supplier of some fantastic 8ft trampoline with enclosure packages.

We stock various 8ft trampolines from top manufacturers such as Skyhigh, Skyhigh Plus, Jumpking and TP. All of which have been tried and tested to ensure that they offer safety as well as an enjoyable bounce.

Where Do I Begin with 8 ft Trampolines?

The Skyhigh 8 ft trampolines range is suitable for people who want an entry level 8ft trampoline with enclosure.

The 8ft Skyhigh Trampoline with Enclosure is a fantastic way to introduce your child to the world of bouncing. The lower tension springs found in smaller trampolines give a smoother bounce, which makes them ideal for younger children who don't yet have the balance that is required for the larger trampolines.

As part of the Skyhigh 8ft trampoline range we also have avaliable a Pink 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure. This is a 10th anniversary celebratory model which has a particularly visually striking enclosure that resembles the pettles of a flower. Cheap and nasty 8 ft trampolines will not make your garden look this fantastic! We also offer Skyhigh Plus 8 ft trampolines which have fantastic all round specifications.

We Only Stock the Best Brands of 8ft Trampolines

With many combined years of experience in trampolines within the Big Game Hunters team, we always try to stock the best brands we can. This is why we sell the Jumpking 8ft x 11.5ft OvalPOD. Jumpking is perhaps the largest trampoline manufacturer in the world and the oval design of this 8 ft trampoline allows the bouncer to move across the mat with ease.

Another brand we are proud to stock as part of our 8 ft trampolines is TP. The TP Genius 8ft Trampoline offers an interesting take on a classic theme. The springs on this 8ft trampoline with enclosure are pointed in an upwards position and surrounded by an additional layer of material. This sets it apart from other 8ft trampolines and makes for a unique bounce. Our 8ft trampolines come in a range of styles, shapes and prices so you are sure to find what you're looking for.

The added safety enclosure offers peace of mind for parents who are worried about their children leaving the mat. All the 8ft trampolines we sell come with one included as do all the trampoline on our website.

These 8ft trampolines are the perfect beginners trampoline, featuring a lower frame height and softer bounce for added safety and stability for kids. Despite the smaller build they include thick trampoline pads, strong galvanised steel frames and a 10 year frame warranty making these the perfect choice for you and your family.

If your browse the trampolines we have available at this size and order before 12pm we will dispatch the trampoline the same day. We then offer a variety of delivery options.

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