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8ft Trampoline Pads

Here at Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop we have a variety of 8ft trampoline pads available. Trampoline pads are an important component for safety as they prevent the user from coming into contact with the springs.

When to Replace Your 8ft Trampoline Pad

There are a number of reasons that an 8ft trampoline pad will deteriorate over time and the most common is that some are thin and mass produced. The 8ft trampoline pads on cheap trampolines won't last for a great deal of time. Whilst you may make a saving on the initial cost of the trampoline you will need to pay for replacement parts. This is why we recommend buying a quality 8ft trampoline with quality 8ft trampoline pads right from the beginning.

Quality 8ft Trampoline Padding from Quality Brands

However if you do find yourself in a position where you own a cheap trampoline with cheap and thin 8ft trampoline padding then we have some quality 8ft trampoline pads available.

Every 8ft trampoline pad we sell comes from a quality brand, so you can be assured of their quality and longevity. We stock 8ft trampoline padding from Fun and Skyhigh, two highly regarded brands in the industry. It is therefore important that when your 8ft trampoline padding wears out that you replace them immediately with quality 8ft trampoline pads.

Fun 8ft Trampoline Pad

The Fun 8ft Trampoline Pad is a fantastic budget model for people who want to replace their existing pads with a quality name but don't want to spend a great deal of money. They are made from PVC padding which is UV resistant.These 8ft trampoline pads are designed to survive through the summer and the winter because they are tough and durable. They are also universal which means that they can be attached to any 8ft trampoline regardless of brand.

Skyhigh 8ft Trampoline Pad

Skyhigh 8ft Trampoline Pads are the top of the range option that we offer which are 27mm thick. When you compare Skyhigh 8ft trampoline padding to generic replacement pads you will immediately notice the difference in thickness. This means that Skyhighs offer better safety and will last for longer. We offer Skyhighs as part of various combo deals including two different pad and cover deals and the pads with a trampoline ladder. We also sell Fun 8ft trampoline padding on its own and as part of a deal with a tie on cover and a deal with a trampoline ladder.

You can buy with the assurance that our 8ft trampoline padding will improve the longevity and safety of your trampoline. Order any 8ft trampoline pad before 12pm and we will dispatch your order the same day!

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