7ft x 10ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline Deal

7ft x 10ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline Deal

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Product Information

The 7ft x 10ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline Deal is a great option for people who want the benefits of a rectangular trampoline, such as a more expressive bounce and also want some accessories in order to further enjoy themselves. Because this trampoline has 68 springs which is a fantastic ratio this means the bounce is powerful and responsive.

This particular deal also comes with a cover and ladder. The cover protects the trampoline from garden debris and offers further protection to the mat from extreme weather conditions. The ladder provides one safe access point to the trampoline mat.

What's in the Box

  • 7ft x 10ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline
  • Includes rectangular trampoline bed, springs, spring tools and pads
  • 7ft x 10ft Skyhigh Rectangular Safety Enclosure
  • Includes fixings and a net
  • 7ft x 10ft Trampoline Cover
  • A fantastic cover for keeping your trampoline in top condition
  • 10ft Trampoline Ladder
  • Creates one safe access point to the trampoline mat

Why Buy?

The shape of the frame means that the user won't be pulled into the centre of the mat as with round trampoline

68 high performance create for an responsive bounce

Thick pads and a safety enclosure will keep your child on the mat and prevent them from touching the frame or springs

Included ladder will create a safe access point to make it easier to get on and off

Cover protects the trampoline from the weather giving it a longer life whilst keeping it clean from garden debris

Technical Specifications

  • Number of springs: 68
  • Spring length: 180mm
  • Pads thickness: 20mm
  • Pads width: 33cm
  • Frame height: 0.76m
  • Frame type: weld free T-bar
  • Frame material: galvanised steel
  • Number of legs: 4
  • Weight limit: 114kg (18st)
  • Safety standard: meets with GS/TUV standards


  • 10 year trampoline frame warranty
  • 1 year warranty on all other parts


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