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14ft Trampoline Pads

Trampoline pads are designed to prevent the user from touching the springs around the edge of the trampoline. They are extremely important for safety and need to be in top working order. When you consider also that a 14ft trampoline is the largest round we sell, 14ft trampoline padding needs to maintain its integrity to be used around a far larger diameter than an 8ft round trampoline for example. This is why a 14ft trampoline pad needs to be of the highest standard possible. Poor quality 14ft trampoline padding will offer a poor level of safety.

Our Skyhigh 14ft Trampoline Padding

Because of the importance of 14ft trampoline pads to the safety of the user it is important that they are as thick as possible. Skyhigh 14ft trampoline pads are made of 27mm thick PVC foam padding to give some extra cushion. They are also UV resistant and extremely tough so this means that a Skyhigh 14ft trampoline pad is able to cope with weather conditions from the hottest summer day to the coldest morning of winter!

Our Fun 14ft Trampoline Pad Range

We also offer 14ft trampoline padding from a fantastic brand called Fun. Whilst we could consider the Skyhigh pads to be at the top end of what we offer, Fun provide a budget alternative which still provide a 14ft trampoline pad of great quality.

Both the Skyhigh and Fun 14ft trampoline padding ranges are available with covers and ladders to help enhance your experience of the trampoline. If you want to add further protection to your 14ft trampoline pads then the cover will keep garden debris like moss and bird droppings off the mat.

If you would like to further improve the safety of you trampoline when your purchase your new 14ft trampoline pad, then a ladder would be a great option as it provides a single access point to the trampoline mat.

Universally Adaptable 14ft Trampoline Padding

Perhaps one of the main benefits of our 14ft trampoline pad range is that they can be attached to any 14ft trampoline. This means that even if you have bought a cheap and mass produced trampoline, perhaps from a large retailer, then you can replace the thin pads on it when they inevitably wear out. Any of our 14ft trampoline pads will add a touch of class to a cheaper trampoline.

The core of our identity as a company is to offer the best quality products that we can. It is because of this we search for the best quality 14ft trampoline pads we can. We have a great deal of belief in the 14ft trampoline padding that Skyhigh and Fun produce so you can be sure that you are buying a specialist product rather than something which is mass produced in order to keep costs down.

Browse our 14ft trampoline pad range and if you order before 12pm we will dispatch it the same day!

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