12ft Trampoline Mat / Bed - 80 Spring

12ft Trampoline Bed / Trampoline Mat - 80 Spring

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Product Information

This is our 12ft Trampoline Mat which is an ideal replacement for a ripped or worn bed. Our trampoline bed is designed to give a fantastic bounce; this is achieved through using a good quality mat material, 8 layers of heavy duty stitching and V ring connectors. V ring connectors are the parts that attach the bed to the springs. Ours are held in place using several layers of heavy duty stitching and have been chosen as they do not tear the trampoline bed and give a quieter bounce. Another great property of our bed is that it is incredibly good at draining water from the trampoline bed. This features stops water from pooling on the surface which would cause the springs to stretch.

What's in the Box

  • 12ft Trampoline Mat
  • Suitable for use with a 12ft round trampoline with 80 springs that are 210mm long.

Why Buy?

If you want a quality 12ft trampoline mat which is made of the best materials avaliable then this is a fine choice.

Technical Specifications

  • NB:This 12ft trampoline replacement bed is only suitable for a round 12ft trampoline which has 80 springs of length 210mm
  • The bed is made from a UV protected thick material
  • The edge of the trampoline bed is sewn together with 3 layers of stitching
  • V ring connectors are used to connect the bed to the springs. These are sewn in place using 3 layers of heavy duty stitching


  • 1 year warranty.


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