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12ft Trampolines

Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop is a leading seller of 12ft trampolines. The 12ft trampoline size is our most popular, offering a combination of performance, safety and value for money.

12 ft trampolines are perfect for bouncers of any age or ability level and we have a number of packages from top brands such as Skyhigh, Skyhigh Plus and Xtreme 360. We also sell Jumpking and TP trampolines. This size of trampoline offer unquestionable enjoyment and safety and make a great addition to any garden. We have a 12ft trampoline products avaliable for all needs.

12 ft trampolines take up less space and are ideal for doing tricks and trying out more advanced level moves. Some of them can take the weight of more than one bouncer whilst maintaining an impressive bounce.
The different brands of 12ft trampoline with enclosure have different benefits and features, but all come with extensive product warranties and are made with strong and durable components.

Premium 12ft Trampolines

We are particularly proud of the Skyhigh Xtreme 360 12ft trampoline with enclosure. This is the top specification 12ft trampoline we sell and has some amazing features. For example Xtreme 360 12 ft trampolines come with 96 springs that are 210mm in length. Because the bounce of a 12ft trampoline depends on the number of springs you can expect our Xtreme 360 12 ft trampolines to be incredibly responsive, much like a gymnastic model.

The Skyhigh 360 Xtreme 12ft trampoline with enclosure is a top end trampoline and if you want to own a unit with some of the best specifications we can find then it is a fantastic option. The durability, performance and quality of these Xtreme 12ft trampolines far exceed those of the competition.

We also have some fantastic 12ft trampolines if you are on a budget. The Skyhigh 12ft Trampoline with enclosure is a prime example of this. This 12ft trampoline is manufactured to the highest standards with safety in mind.

12ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Even though these Skyhigh 12ft trampolines are entry level units for people first looking into the market they come with a safety enclosure, as do every 12ft trampoline we sell. A safety enclosure is a protective net which surround the user and prevent them from leaving the mat when bouncing.

This Skyhigh 12ft trampoline with enclosure also comes with a sturdy and reliable frame. The frames on some other 12ft trampolines are welded which means that they are more likely to break under the scrutiny of daily use. However Skyhigh 12 ft trampolines are made from a T bar structure which is joined and not welded making for a stronger and more durable frame.

All products from the 12ft trampoline with enclosure range have a minimum 10 year warranty and the thick galvanised steel framework means they will last for years.

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