10ft Deluxe Trampoline Cover

10ft Elasticated Trampoline Cover

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Product Information

This 10ft Deluxe Trampoline Cover is a fantastic product which will keep your trampoline clean and prolong its life, in particular the bed and pads. Made from a thick PVC durable material, this cover is extremely quick and easy to attach thanks to its elasticated band around the edge.

One of the great features of this trampoline is the drainage holes in the cover. Although many people think that a trampoline cover is supposed to keep a trampoline dry this is not the case. Drainage holes stop water from pooling on the trampoline cover, if it did not have these holes the pressure from the water would cause the springs to stretch and weaken and would result in the trampoline producing a poor bounce.

What's in the Box

  • 10ft Deluxe Trampoline Cover
  • Elasticated for easy use

Why Buy?

The elasticated band makes it very quick to attach your cover to your trampoline

Made from a very thick deluxe PVC fabric material which is UV protected

Protect your trampoline from the weather and make its life longer

Includes drainage holes to prevent water from pooling at the top of the cover and putting stress on the frame whilst still keeping it fairly dry

1 year manufacturer's warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Attachment method: Elastic edge
  • Cover Material: PVC
  • UV stable protection
  • Includes drainage holes to prevent water pooling and putting strain on the frame


  • 1 year warranty


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