10ft x 17ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline Deal

10ft x 17ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline Deal

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Product Information

The 10ft x 17ft Rectangular Trampoline Deal is wonderful for people that want to get into trampolining as a sport or perform tricks. This is because unlike a traditional round trampoline where gravity pulls the user into the centre, rectangular trampolines have an expressive bounce which allows the bouncer to move across the mat.

This deal also comes with a cover and ladder. The ladder allows you to have one safe access point to the trampoline mat so you won't have to keep lifiting your children up.The cover protects your trampoline from adverse weather conditions and prolongs its life. It goes over the whole of the top of the trampoline, protecting it from garden debris. It also has a safety enclosure to keep the user safely on the mat.

What's in the Box

  • 10ft x 17ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline
  • Comes with bed, all the springs, springs tools and the pads
  • 10ft x 17ft Trampoline Enclosure
  • Keeps your children safe on the trampoline mat
  • 10ft x 17ft Trampoline Cover
  • Prolong the life of your trampoline
  • Trampoline Ladder
  • Allows safe access to the trampoline mat for your children

Why Buy?

This is a great trampoline for practising advanced moves and it is the same shape as the ones used in the olympic games

It has 144 springs to support a vibrant and exciting bounce

Ladder makes it easier to access the trampoline mat

Cover keeps it protected from garden debris and makes the life of the components longer

Assembly is easy by following the instructions

Technical Specifications

  • Number of Springs: 144
  • Pads thickness: 30mm
  • Pad width: 36cm
  • Frame height: 0.91m
  • Frame material: galvanised steel
  • Number of legs: 6
  • Weight limit: 140kg (22st)
  • Safety Standard: Exceeds GS/TUV Standards
  • Please note with the curved outer frame the trampoline is 12ft on the widest point of the short side. This means its total size is 12ft x 17ft


  • 10 year trampoline frame warranty
  • 1 year warranty on all other parts


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