10ft x 17ft Rectangular Trampoline Cover

10ft x 17ft Rectangular Trampoline Cover

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Product Information

Our 10ft x 17ft Rectangular Cover is designed to protect your trampoline from weather conditions and garden debris. It is especially useful in extreme rain or cold to give some added longeivity to the mat and pads.

At the top of the cover is a system of drainage holes which prevent rain from collecting on top of the frame and causing damage to the springs. This will allow water to pass through the mat of the trampoline without it becoming too wet. This means that you can take the cover off and start using the trampoline again right away after it stops raining.

You can avoid having to buy these components for longer due to wear and tear. It may even save you having to buy a new trampoline and save you alot of money in the long run. This cover attaches by being tied on to the trampoline. This makes it easy to attach and dettach.

What's in the Box

  • 10ft x 17ft Rectangular Trampoline Cover
  • Designed to fit the vast majority of 10ft x 17ft trampolines

Why Buy?

Save yourself from having to purchase new components such as pads for your trampoline sooner than you need to by investing in this weather cover

Cover is made from durable PE which is UV resistant and thus designed to survive the summer months

Drainage holes at the top of the cover prevent water from pooling and putting strain on the frame

The cover also serves as an excellent way of letting people know that the trampoline is out of bounds

It is easy to attach with the use of 20 fixing ties

Technical Specifications

  • Attachment method: fixing ties
  • Number of fixing ties: 20
  • Cover Material: PE
  • UV stable protection
  • Includes drainage holes to prevent water pooling and putting strain on the frame


  • 1 year warranty


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